The Reelstand Recycler – maximize the financial potential of your waste

The machine is aimed at printing publishing and paper companies who are seeking the recycling benefits and realising cash benefits by the fast safe and easy separation of the remaining paper from a call by achieving top waste prices

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The benefits of the Reelstand recycler

Addressing environmental issues and offering a great opportunity to improve our companies carbon footprint, safe handling by removing the need to use knives as well as saving them money!

The features of the real stand recycler

The Reelstand recycler effortlessly removes the remaining paper from the core of any up to 2.5m with end and steady support where required. This allows the core to be re-used and the plain paper to achieve the best possible price with all the related environmental benefits

The machine consists of an inverter controlled 0 .75 kW motor. This powers the driveshaft via pulleys and a HTD belt. The inverter is programmed to safe working parameters controlling a minimum and maximum speed and torque before dispatch. The potentiometer allows operator to set their preferred speed between the settings. An emergency stop button is fitted just in case the settings are tampered with. Paper is loaded to the top shaft via a supplied torsion spring.

How much can you save?

Find out how much you can save by using the Reelstand Recycling machine using our interactive calculator.

Reelstand help increase profits of printing comp

PrintWeeks Consumer Magazine and Catalogue Printer of the year with an enviable reputation for producing high quality magazines and catalogues aims to continue to generate positive cash returns by using reelstand recycling machines

Hi Jonathan,

Hope you are well.

Having used your core strippers at my last three companies I feel that I need to congratulate you guys on a fantastic piece of equipment.

It is so easy to use, with little or no maintenance required, my reelstand operators just mount the cores on the machine switch it on and walk away, no problems no fuss.

The return on investment was less than 6 months, helping us to maximise our waste stream revenues, whilst improving our environmental credentials’
David Lightfoot , Precision Colour Printing.

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We helped to minimise print waste from paper wastage.

Market leader in quality magazine and commercial print production and experts at minimising paper wastage and maximising cost savings for its customers have invested heavily in reelstand recycling machines

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