Creating value from closed loop supply chains; Lister’s Reelstand Recycler enables recycling of web & core waste from reel ends without web knife cut hazards.

Reel end web & core recycling by reel stand unwinder.“Reel ends” are a significant material waste stream of printing, packaging, converting, labelling, paper, film & foil processes.  They are an incompletely used reel of web substrate arising from early stoppage to prevent the web tension being lost on a complete unwind.  They also arise when there is insufficient remaining length for a further production run or as a consequence of a “web break”.  A reel end comprises of wound web taped or glued to a core both of which can be reused or recycled if separated from one another.

Core recycling of the reel end is often achieved by manual use of a “web knife” to strip the remaining layers of web from the core.  Although safety utility web knives are available, this activity presents a relatively risky manual handling process.  For Health & Safety reasons this may lead to reel ends being recovered by an external waste recycler at a disposal cost.

In many supply chains separating the cores from waste web onsite could permit their reuse in a closed loop supply chains or at least recycling for sustainability.  Alternatively, Health & Safety Managers may be seeking a means to mitigate the risk of web knife cuts & manual reel handling.

For this reason Lister Engineering of Bradford have prototyped a reel unwinder stand for reel end core recycling.  With over 20 units sold already in the UK the Reelstand Recycler accepts cores of any internal diameter.  It handles any web width up to 2.5m reel length using an “end steady” at widths over 1.2m.  An operator winds the end of the waste web to an unwinder shaft which strips the remaining web material from the core.  The waste web can then be easily slid off the shaft for recycling.   The main drive of the unwind stand is programmed to start slowly & ramp up to a preferred speed.  It has a low torque that can be stopped by hand & an emergency stop button so that it is safe.

Unwinder machine makes reel end recycling safe.

Web widths as wide as 2.5m

The Reelstand Recycler has found immediate favour with web offset printers printing catalogues & magazines on paper.  It is thought that there will be many similar applications on processes including printing, sheeting, packaging, labelling, rewinding & converting.

“Having used your core strippers at my last three companies I feel that I need to congratulate you guys on a fantastic piece of equipment.  It is so easy to use, with little or no maintenance required, my Reelstand operators just mount the cores on the machine switch it on and walk away, no problems no fuss.  The return on investment was less than 6 months, helping us to maximise our waste stream revenues, whilst improving our environmental credentials.  We can now strip the white paper waste & segregate it to get the best rates for that & get £50 a tonne for the cores.” said David Lightfoot, Precision Colour Printing.

The Reelstand Recycler is a stand alone machine with a small footprint that can be placed at any convenient place in a plant.  Costing just under the £3000 including delivery the Lister’s core stripper runs off a 110v or 240v power supply.  Lister welcome trials of the equipment & the design of new variants for specific markets.

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